Mark McDonald to Host 2019 Bass Tournament at Lake Ava Rosetta at Beacon Hill on Cedar Creek Lake

Mark McDonald at the 2018 Bass Tournament at Lake Ava Rosetta at Beacon Hill.
Wildlife Biologist and Fishing expert Mark McDonald will be hosting the 2019 Mark McDonald/Beacon Hill Bass Tournament at Beacon Hill’s Interior Lake, Ava Rosetta.

A variety of species have thrived here thanks to the efforts of McDonald, who performs regular fish quality checks and head counts at Beacon Hill to ensure Bass are progressing well. Last year Mark and his wife, Marie were delighted to report that based on their observations they surpassed their goals.

Lake Ava Rosetta sits inside the Beacon Hill Community and is part of Cedar Creek Lake. Residents of this community can enjoy the great fishing opportunities both on the 9-acre interior lake as well as other strategic spots along the Marina Jetty’s. Our community hosts many outdoor fishing tournaments, kayaking challenges and Stand up Paddle boarding lessons throughout each season.

For more information on Lake Ava Rosetta and other Beacon Hill Amenities please contact their sales team at 903-498-LAKE (5253).